Willie Lau

Willie Lau, PhD 劉威理
President, Spring House PolyX, LLC

WilliWilliee is a native of Hong Kong. He attended college and graduate school in the United States, receiving a PhD degree in Physical Organic Chemistry from Indiana University. Willie retired recently from a leading international chemical firm where he spent 29 years starting as a research scientist and rose to the position of Fellow. Willie’s research interests include aqueous polymer synthesis (emulsion and solution), controlled radical polymerization, emulsion polymerization kinetics, controlled structure polymers, structure property relationships of polymer systems, polymer applications, rheology modifiers, composite materials design, and utilization of recycled materials in composite systems.

Willie is inventor of more than 50 US Patents and has authored a similar number of scientific articles. Willie is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Experts in emulsion and aqueous polymer synthesis, formulation, and manufacture consulting with manufacturers worldwide.