Joe Rokowski

Camera: DCS560C Serial #: K560C-00740 Width: 3040 Height: 2008 Date: 1/1/90 Time: 0:29:36 DCS5XX Image FW Ver: 3.2.3 TIFF Image Look: Portrait Sharpening Requested: Yes Counter: [8929] ISO Speed: 80 Aperture: f13 Shutter: 1/100 Max Aperture: f2.8 Min Aperture: f32 Exposure Mode: Manual (M) Compensation: +0.0 Flash Compensation: +0.0 Meter Mode: Evaluative Flash Mode: No flash Drive Mode: Single Focus Mode: One Shot Focus Point: Auto Focal Length (mm): 95 White balance: Preset (Flash) Time: 00:29:36.724

Joe is a lifelong native of Pennsylvania. He attended the University of Scranton for Biochemistry and has a BS in Chemistry from St Joseph’s University. In 2014 Joe retired from a leading international chemical company where he spent 33 years starting as a chemist and ending his career there as a Group Leader & Principle Research Scientist for the worldwide roof coatings program. Joe’s research interests include emulsion polymer design and applications testing, waterborne formulation development, exterior durability and weathering analysis and predictive test method design.


Joe is the inventor on 17 US Patents and has authored a number of technical articles. He was awarded the Federation Society for Coatings Technology Roon Award in 1988.

Experts in emulsion and aqueous polymer synthesis, formulation, and manufacture consulting with manufacturers worldwide.