Who are we?

Spring House PolyX, LLC is a group of aqueous and emulsion polymer experts available to provide solutions to the polymer industry. Our members are:

Willie Lau, Ph.D.                              President

Mark Winkle, Ph.D.                         Vice President, COO

Robert Smith, Ph.D.                        Vice president, CFO

Rafael Aviles, Ph.D.                         Senior Consultant

Rich Clikeman, Ph.D.                      Senior Consultant

Dick Cummins                                    Senior Consultant

Mark deGrandpre                             Senior Consultant

Susan Fitzwater, Ph.D.                   Senior Consultant

Joe Rokowski                                      Senior Consultant

Tom Madle                                            Senior Consultant

Ed Schmitt, Ph.D.                              Senior Consultant

Robert Schwartz, B.S. ChemE.   Senior Consultant

Richard S. Wu, Ph. D.                       Senior Consultant


Experts in emulsion and aqueous polymer synthesis, formulation, and manufacture consulting with manufacturers worldwide.