Engaging SH PolyX

Engaging Spring House PolyX, LLC Services

Spring House PolyX (hereafter “PolyX”) will arrange an initial meeting with you to discuss your project by teleconference or in person at no cost to you beyond travel expenses.
At this meeting we will want to get to know you, your organization, the nature of your problem, what results you are looking for, what resources and people you currently have who may be involved, and how long you expect the project to take. We will, of course, maintain the confidentiality of any information disclosed during this discussion. If your organization requires a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to the initial meeting we will agree after review.

At the conclusion of our initial meeting we will make an assessment of our technical capabilities as they relate to your project and perform a conflict of interest analysis with former employers and clients . If no conflicts exist, and we have agreed on the scope and fees for service to be rendered, we will provide you with an Engagement Letter and Statement of Work.

If after initial consultation we do not reach an agreement, we will maintain the confidentiality of your request and our discussion, and if you so desire, not disclose the existence or subject of our conversation except as required by court order.

Some projects may be suited to a fixed fee for a defined period of work and deliverable result, while others may be more suited to hourly compensation. All expectations will be clearly spelled out in a written engagement agreement.

In the Engagement Letter PolyX will assign one of its Member or Contract Senior Consultants as Lead Consultant for your project. He or she will be primary contact person for the duration of the project and he or she will engage and manage the services of other consultants as appropriate.

We will honor our continuing confidentiality (non-disclosure, non-use and non-compete) obligations to our former employers (including but not limited to Dow Chemical Co. and/or Rohm and Haas Company) and other existing and former clients.

Experts in emulsion and aqueous polymer synthesis, formulation, and manufacture consulting with manufacturers worldwide.